The Quarry Girl

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Published in Audio Book/Audible by WF Howes, read by Emma Powell

Also available in Large Print from your local library published by WF Howes

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Previously published as A Dream Rides By in hardback, paperback and e-format by Severn House, large print and audio by Magna.

A compelling tale of ambition, betrayal and haunting tragedy. Heather Southcott lives in the moorland hamlet of Foggintor where her father is a senior quarryman. Her future seems ready-mapped for her, but Heather's sharp, enquiring mind and love of books leads her to dream of a more fulfilling life. A dramatic event at the opening of the Princetown Railway brings her hope, but will her aspirations materialise, or will the new railroad to the outside world bring far-reaching consequences that can only result in tragedy?

Powerfully written scenes bring cinematic energy to this engrossing romance of passion & deceit.


Powerfully told, wonderfully poignant, an evocative and enthralling novel that is as impossible to put down as it is to forget

Beautifully written, vivid in detail – Author Lynne Francis