A Place to Call Home

By Tania Crosse

A Place to Call Home book cover
  • Published in e-book and paperback by Aria, Head of Zeus
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The sequel to NOBODY'S GIRL

Thrown together by tragic circumstances some years previously, Meg and Clarrie's hard-won friendship eventually brought them both some sense of peace. But how deep do their feelings run, and how long can their happiness last?

In 1939, the outbreak of war brings a new set of concerns and emotions, especially with the arrival of the evacuees who come to share their lives. Can they all come together to form a bond powerful enough to help each other through the darkest days of war as they fear for their loved ones involved in the conflict? And what will happen when an enemy from Meg's past comes back to haunt her?

An intense and emotive WW2 story of love, courage and friendship in the face of the horrors and hardships of war.


'Absolute joy to read. A wonderful saga.' Reviewer Lady

'Sensitive enough to capture emotion, but gritty enough to show the true rigours of war.'

'Heart-warming, compelling, a different WW2 experience'

'Delightful story with surprising twists and turns. I like how she doesn’t shy away from difficult topics.'

'So descriptive of how WW2 affected ordinary people.'