The Harbour Master's Daughter

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(Previously published as Morwellham's Child in paperback and ebook by Pan Books, large print by Magna and audio by BBC/Chivers.)

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TANIA CROSSE says of 'The Harbour Master’s Daughter':-

'Many years ago now, a family visit to the restored Victorian copper port of Morwellham Quay in Devon inspired me to write a novel based on its fascinating history. Throughout that first day, ghosts from its past seemed to be materialising from the walls of the buildings where they had once lived and worked, entreating me to create a picture of their lives at the Quay well over a hundred years before. It was akin to some spiritual plea I could not ignore.

The headstrong daughter of the harbour master, the reserved young artisan at the cooperage and the confident yet vulnerable sea captain headed a complete cast of characters drawn from all the different trades and industries that made up the thriving port. Just as they relied upon each other for their livelihood, I knew that I must weave a compelling tale that mirrored the devastating years that heralded the port's demise. The characters and their personal stories may be fictional, but the circumstances they face are based on real-life events at the quay. I hope that in reading the book, you will feel as entangled with Morwellham's past as I was in writing it.'

The Harbour Master's Daughter is both a passionate and, at times. harrowing love story, and a tale of intrigue and deceit among a community already fighting for its survival. As young Rebecca Westbrook struggles to secure her own future, she discovers that the port is in jeopardy from the same enemy and she alone can save it . . .

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