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The Ambulance Girl

The Ambulance Girl is now published in e-book and paperback by and in audiobook by WFHowes, read by Emma Powell.

Also available in Large Print from your local library published by WF Howes

Previously published as Teardrops in the Moon by Hale Books in hardback with Large Print and Audio by Magna

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Don’t miss out on this gritty and haunting new First World War novel. A must for all Tania Crosse fans!

On the very day Rose is celebrating her sixtieth birthday with her family and friends at Fencott Place on Dartmoor, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated in far-away Sarajevo, leading to the outbreak of The Great War. Rose's spirited younger daughter, Marianne, had taken a vow of celibacy some years earlier, and sees the war as an opportunity to prove that she can be as capable as any man. But will she be able to keep her vow, and what tragedies will beset her and her family and friends in these terrible, dark times? And who is the strange figure from Rose's past who is bent on destroying the family even when the war is over?

This powerful, dramatic and evocative story will take you from peaceful Dartmoor to the war-torn battlefields of France, from love, courage and loss to the demon of revenge. You will discover the fates of all the characters from the earlier novels and see how they link up with the 1950s sagas and beyond.


‘Brilliantly evocative, irresistible, full of drama, emotion and romance’ Bookish Jottings

‘Romance, heartbreak, suspense. A very moving read’ Reading Addict

‘A heartwarming book. I loved every bit of it’ Booklover Bev