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"An outstanding writer of historical fiction"


"This talented, imaginative writer is
a master of her craft"

Tavistock Times Gazette

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Coming on 1 st March 2018

The Candle Factory Girl

A gritty story of lies, deceit and murder set in 1930s London

Many of you will know Tania from her series of ten exciting and dynamic Dartmoor novels that interpret local history in a vivid and evocative manner. With her lively style, Tania's books are packed full of poignant drama, reflecting the harsh reality of life on remote Dartmoor in the past. Her creative imagination translates fact into gripping, heart-wrenching stories that mirror the rugged and gritty landscape that inspires them.

Discover Dartmoor through Tania's novels! Whether or not you are familiar with Dartmoor, Tania's books will have you reading into the small hours as you become entangled in the lives of her heroes and heroines. And all the stories link together so that you can catch up with your favourite characters again in later years!

Exciting new series set in London and the South East!

Look out for Tania’s new novels set in the 1930s and taking the reader through the Second World War. Although a change of scene, Tania will be writing in her own inimitable way, using engaging fictional characters to illustrate real historical events. You will still be moved to tears, there will be much love to fill your hearts, and above all you will be transported back to a time when life was so much harsher than it is today.

The Candle Factory Girl

The candle factory girl

Can she ever escape her life of brutality and betrayal?

Nobody's Girl

Teardrops in the Moon cover

A dead child, a tragic accident, can two shattered souls find peace?

A Place to Call Home

A Placwe to call home cover

What agonies will WW2 bring to Meg? Will the past return to haunt her?