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"An outstanding writer of historical fiction"

"Searing emotional drama"

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"Beautifully compelling and poignant"

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The Convent Girl

Tania's brand new, evocative, gut-wrenching story, rich in intensity and emotion, will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.

Book 10 in the Devonshire series.

Plucked from her peaceful life in an Irish convent, Maisie is thrown into the chaos of the Plymouth blitz

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Tania Crosse is both a best selling author on Amazon and an award winning novelist The Street of Broken Dreams having won SAGA OF THE YEAR in the prestigious Romantic Novelists' Association Awards 2020

If you haven't done so already, why not discover Dartmoor through Tania's previous titles? They have now all been relaunched by Joffe Books under revised titles and with exciting new covers. A series of exciting and dynamic tales interpret local history in a vivid and evocative manner. With her lively style, Tania's books are packed full of poignant drama, reflecting the harsh reality of life on remote Dartmoor in the past. Her creative imagination translates fact into gripping, heart-wrenching stories that mirror the rugged and gritty landscape that inspires them.

And don't forget Tania's four emotive Twentieth Century sagas set in London and Kent. But no matter which of her books you read, they will have you reading into the small hours as you become entangled in the lives of her heroes and heroines.

The Harbour Master's Daughter

A tragic loss begins a chain of events that will test her to the limit

The River Girl

Will she be held hostage by the past?

The Railway Girl

The Ambulance Girl cover

Will the building of the second railway through Tavistock bring hope or despair?