Extract of Morwellham's Child

"His hands were on her shoulders, shaking the life from her and trying to wrestle her to the floor. She forced herself upwards, her feet sliding on the rainwashed deck, and with a desperate effort, managed to reach up and rake her fingernails down his cheek. With a foul oath, one of his hands crushed her wrist and twisted it away, and in that moment, she contorted her body to drive her other elbow sideways into his stomach and scrape her boot down his shin and stamp on his toes...

But the force of it send her other foot skating across the treacherous surface, and as she tried to right herself, her ankle corkscrewed beneath her. The agony that screamed up her leg drained the last vestige of strength from her exhausted body, and as she lost her balance, she gazed over her shoulder in horror at the gaping chasm of the open gangway. And as she toppled backwards, she tugged violently on Fred's coat. For if she was going to drown, by God, she'd take him with her!"

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The limeburner's cottage - Morwellham Quay Gala 2005. The limeburner's cottage - Morwellham Quay Gala 2005.
Morwellham Gala 2005 Morwellham Gala 2005